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Register of Residents of the information technology park “Moldova IT Park”



The main goal of the Information Technology Park “Moldova IT Park” is to create an organizational platform with a set of innovative tools and competences to boost the growth of the information technology industry, create new jobs and attract local and foreign investment. The park aims to enhance the opportunities of the IT industry growth by implementing a transparent and motivating regulatory framework by facilitating the tax and business administration system.

“We intend to provide here useful information for those who would like to become residents of the first information technology park “Moldova IT Park”. The status of a resident can be acquired by any legal entity or natural person, who is registered in the Republic of Moldova as subject of entrepreneurial activity and whose main activity is one or several activities provided by  art.8 of the Law no. 77 of 21 April 2016 on information technology parks
The registration of “Moldova IT Park” residents is carried out in accordance with principles of equal treatment of all potential residents, impartial and objective treatment of applicants, transparency in the process of registration.
We hope you can find answers to all questions on our page and apply for becoming a resident of the “Moldova IT Park” soon. Please do not hesitate to contact us, your suggestions are always welcomed and helpful.
Thank you! “
— Sergiu Voitovschii, Administrator al Parcului pentru tehnologia informației „Moldova IT park”


In order to create the necessary premises for stimulating the IT industry development by creating high added-value jobs and attracting domestic and foreign investments, under the provisions of the Law no.77 of 21.04.2016 on information technology parks, Government established on 1 January 2018 the first virtual information technology park “Moldova IT Park” for a period of 10 years.

Recently, the Government has approved the amendment of six tax laws, as well as compulsory social and medical insurance, in order to bring them into line with the provisions of the Law on information technology parks. According to this legislation, one of the facilities, granted by the state to the residents of IT parks, is the application of a single tax of 7% on sales revenue, but not less than a minimum amount per employee. The target amount is 30 percent of the average monthly salary in the economy, projected for that year.

According to the Regulation on residents’ registration, the status of a Resident of the Park may be acquired by any legal or natural person, who is registered in the Republic of Moldova as the subject of an entrepreneurial activity and who carries out/ intends to carry out as one of its main activities one or more types of activity stipulated by art. 8 of the Law on information technology parks.

The park provides a “virtual” operating regime, and residents will be able to carry out their genres of activity and benefit of the facilities granted, even from their own offices or residences, after a proper registration.

Main activities (according to CEAM rev.2) carried out in information technology park”Moldova IT Park” are:

  1. customized software development activities (customer oriented software) (62.01);
  2. computer game editing activities (58.21);
  3. editing of other software products (58.29);
  4. management activities (management and operation) of computing means (62.03);
  5. data processing, web page management and related activities (63.11);
  6. web portal activities (63.12);
  7. information technology consulting activities (62.02);
  8. other information technology service activities (62.09).

The advantages and facilities can be found in the following normative acts:

The Resident of the Information Technology Park will be charged a single tax of 7% of sales revenue, which includes the following taxes and duties:

• Income tax on entrepreneurial activity
• Income tax on salary
• Compulsory state social insurance contributions from the employees and employers
• Compulsory health insurance premiums from the employees and employers
• Local taxes
• Real estate tax
• Road tax for the use of motor vehicles registered in the Republic of Moldova

The employees of the park Residents benefit from all types of state social insurance facilities from the state social insurance budget, according to the legislation in force.

In order to become a resident of “Moldova IT Park”, the following documents are required:

  • Application for requesting the conclusion of the contract and for registration as a resident.

The Application Form must include: the name of the applicant, registered address, type / types of activity intended to be carried out in the Park and the requested period of activity in the Park.

  • Copy of the company’s charter/ constitutive act/decision to register the company.
  • Copy of the extract from the State Register of Legal Entities, issued by the Public Services Agency.
  • Where appropriate, power of attorney confirming the applicant’s authority to sign the registration application/contract as a Resident of the Park.

Once you submitted the above mentioned documents, you will get the following documents to sign:

  • Non-disclosure agreement, if deemed necessary.
  • Contract on the activity in information technology park “Moldova IT Park”


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